Wifi Sniffer - Detect The Signal Of Other Wireless Devices

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Published: 28th March 2008
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Wireless devices are becoming more and more commonplace. For some, a wireless connection network problem can be a costly and irritating experience. Detecting the presence of a wireless device can be imperative for business or personal communication. A WiFi sniffer is a relatively new tool that will help you detect a signal when you need it the most.

Hotels and airports provide access to networks for business and leisure travelers, and networks are now accessible to people who need to work or study from a park bench, a coffee house, or a shopping center. Mobile WiFi antennas give truck drivers, RV vacationers, and other mobile individuals unending access to the Internet, so they needn't keep their laptops or PDAs at home, and can consistently stay connected to their families or their employers.

As though such devices weren't enough, WiFi lovers can now use a sniffer, which is a wireless tool that detects the presence of other wireless devices, calculates the strength of their signals, and provides a report to the owner on the position of the access point.

A WiFi sniffer can be a valuable tool for campers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Should you ever get lost while hiking or traveling in remote areas, by finding the presence of other wireless devices,enabling you to call for help, or find your route back to your camp or destination.

Similarly, if you were to misplace your own wireless device, such as your notebook, bluetooth or PDA, your sniffer can assist you to retrieve it; or if you're having a wireless connection network problem and are in critical need of some other wireless device, your sniffer would send you a report of other such devices nearby.

These are all acceptable uses for a WiFi sniffer, but network accessories such as these can likewise be used for darker intentions. For instance, a hacker intent on sabotaging or corrupting the users of any WiFi network could use his or her WiFi sniffer to detect the presence of wireless devices, set up a fictitious WiFi network, or hack into the existing network, and rob personal information from the users of the other wireless devices.

Similarly, the owner of a cyber café fixed on stealing guests from a competing café could utilize their sniffer to study the network traffic of their competitor, and then decide to lower the cost of accessing their network to lure customers away from their rival. Or, the managers of a shopping mall could use their device to track the amount of people who connect to their network, and then raise the cost to derive more profit from their clients.

Like all tools, a WiFi sniffer can be used for good or evil, and it depends upon the objectives for which a person uses such a device. But if you are battling with a wireless connection network problem, being able to access a nearby network can be a real relief. If you are interested in purchasing a WiFi sniffer, be sure to do a thorough internet search on the range of products available. Get assistance on mounting your device, and chat with current owners to find out what other accessories you may need.

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